Conference 2009

Submitting a paper

Novelty of the jubilee conference is that we invite people to organize sections and to chair them. A section need to have at least 3 papers and 5 papers at most. The chair is free to invite people under a proposed theme that is described and argued as useful for our dialogue.

We do not need to receive from you a finished paper from every participant, but those who have it have a supplementary chance to be published immediately after the conference, or even before it. Other papers will be sent and received later on, in a improved form after serious - formal and informal - dialog at the conference.


Acceptance criteria


The proposed papers and suggestions for sections will be accepted especially if they meet the following criteria:

- have a high degree of originality

- participants will present their personal opinions on the approached themes

- participants must integrate the personal view within the scientific context

- participants will accept the dialogue with the reviewers for eventual changes concerning the title, chapters, length etc.

- papers should not be longer than 15 pages

- each paper will be accompanied by an abstract (about half a page A4) and key-words

- one participant can present no more than two papers/ presentations, either as an author or as a co-author

- a proposed section must have 3 -5 participants

- the chair will make a final report concerning the most useful and interesting ideas




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Submitting a paper