Conference 2009


Deadline for submission of titles and abstracts: November 30, 2009

Deadline for payment of conference fee: November 30, 2009

Guidelines for the authors of articles proposed to be published:

The papers proposed for publication must be written clearly, concise, without any ambiguities.

Page Setup: Text margins: bottom - 2.2 cm; right - 2 cm; top - 2cm; left - 2 cm; page format A4. The text will be written in single line spacing, justified alignment.


Paper Structure and Formatting Details:

- Title of the paper: centered, bold, Unicorn Kro, 36 pt., CAPS LOCK) after 3 SPACES

- The first name and the surname of the author: Verdana, 14pt, bold, CAPS LOCK, right alignment, single spacing from the title (12 pt.);

- Institution: Verdana, 11 pt., bold, right alignment;

- 5 key-words (in English): Book Antiqua, 10 pt., italic, 2 lines spacing from the author/authors' institution;

- Abstract No more than 300 words, in English. The abstract must clearly specify the purpose of the paper and the objectives pursued by the author by his/her study. To be written in Book Antiqua font, 10 pt.;

- The content of the paper: Arial, 12 pt., 2 lines spacing from the abstract;

- Bibliography: at the end of the paper, Arial, 10 pt., in alphabetical order of the authors, Harvard model.




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