Text Box: The second international ETC conference

Law - Economic policies - Communitarian development

Bacau and Slanic-Moldova,
May, 5th-7th 2010 



George Bacovia University from Bacau, Romania, togther with Universidad do Estado do Rio de Janeiro din Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, invites you to take part to the 2nd ETC (Economy Transdisciplinarity Cognition) International Conference having as main theme Law - Economic policies - Communitarian development, taking place in Bacau and Slanic Moldova during 5th - 7th May 2010.

The conference will have disciplinary, multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary dimensions, with accents upon new ideas and creativity, upon the future dimensions of any new knowledge capable to produce real development. The conference follows the CNCSIS (National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education) international recognition criteria having a Program committee made up of different personalities of world contemporary knowledge, having its own website (www.ugb.ro/etc2010) and international languages for communication (English, French) and Romanian as well.

According to ETC conferences tradition, this one will not have a rigid format and will not be strictly limited to disciplines and narrow segments of knowledge, but it will promote the new ideas of the participants in a flexible framework generated by the proposed ideas of the participants' work titles, by the key words and the attached essays. We encourage both proposals about organizing workshops, discussion panels, and classic format sessions on common themes, as well. We will give special attention to the fields of law, economic policies and communitarian policies with the explicit intention of contributing to the improvement of the information content of the disciplines taught at our faculties, specializations and study cycles which George Bacovia University and Universidad do Estado do Rio de Janeiro din Rio de Janeiro has in their structure. A special mention is to be given to already proposed and accepted workshop on Bioethics organized by Beatrice Ioan, senior lecturer from Gr. T. Popa University in Iasi. All the proposed sections, workshops and panels will be posted on the web page of the conference.

Preventively, we suggest to the participants our clear interest for papers aiming the following fields: public law, private law and European and international law, management, marketing, social work, and accounting. Last but not least we encourage the communications having a methodological character referring to the transdisciplinary researches.

The main organizer of the conference is George Bacovia University, (www.ugb.ro), a young and dynamic institution, accredited by law No. 237/2002. The official web page of the conference is http://www.ugb.ro/etc2010. At this address you will find the registration form which must be sent to the address nicoleta.botez@ugb.ro. The coorganizer of this edition is Universidad do Estado do Rio de Janeiro din Rio de Janeiro, represented by Professor Antonio Carlos de Azevedo Ritto, PhD..

Our strong desire is to stimulate a consistent participation of high caliber quality and thus the organizing committee decides not to ask for any participation fee. All the communication taking place within the framework of the conference will be published into a distinct volume. The studies corresponding to the editorial exigencies mentioned on the web page of the conference will be published into the Economy Trandisciplinarity Cognition (ETC) journal (www.ugb.ro/etc), published by George Bacovia University starting with 2008 and classified by CNCSIS in the B category.

President of the organizing committee:

Associate Professor Ioan Ciochina-Barbu, Ph.D, George Bacovia University

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