Mihai Tudosia Library

George Bacovia University in Bacau



The “George Bacovia” University makes available for the students and the teaching staff the ideal place for study. The books and the information technologies you will find at the Mihai Tudosia library offer the possibility of attaining the set objectives.




Offered services



· borrowing  books and printed material -offers the access to bibliography and course books necessary to the study of the curriculum subjects

· accessing  the reading room – offers the necessary room for individual study

· accessing  the internet – offers the necessary connection for the internet documentation

· accessing  the virtual library – offers a collection of electronic documents necessary for study

· accessing  the ugbnet network – offers the infrastructure necessary for teamwork

· printing of materials in digital format – offers the access to the resources necessary for the printing of electronic materials

· copies of materials in digital format on external stocking holders (CD-rom, floppy disk) – offer the access to the resources necessary to the copying of the digital information on external data holders

· copies of printed materials – offer the possibility of multiplying the printed materials]

· scanning of printed materials – offers the possibility of converting the printed materials into an electronic format

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