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SPACE Official invitation


                 The SPACE Network for Language and Business Studies and Vilnius College in Higher Education are happy to invite you to the 17th SPACE Annual General Meeting and Conference from 29th March till 1st April 2006 in Vlinius, the capital of Lithuania. The venue is important and is symbolic for the efforts of our association at incorporating the new accesion countries into a wider concept of what we understand by "Europe".

                 The theme of this year's conference is "Bridging the gap between business and business schools - Being Mobile" and eminent speakers from Lithuania, Denmark, France, Russia, the Netherlands and Belgium want to share with you their view on the exchange of knowledgebetween industry and business colleges and universities. Most of them are practising managers who combine this experience with an involvement in higher education.

                 The conference sessions and worksops on Friday 31 March will also cover aspects of virtual mobility, as part of an EC funded accompanying measure entitled "Being Mobile" which aims to rise awareness amongst representatives from all teaching and training sectors about how European Cooperation can be heightened through Virtual Mobility. SPACE is a memeber of the Being Mobile consortium which also include the EuroPACE network, Tietgen Business Colege and two companies active in dissemination work in this area, ATiT in Belgium and ICWE in Germany. A representative from EC has been invited for the wellcome adress.

                 The presentation will cover all levels of Higher Education - from undergraduate to postgraduate - which will guarantee an interesting debate with a panel consisting of representatives from SPACE (European Network for Language and Business), BEST (Board of European Students in Tehnology), IFOA (Training and Consultancy Services Centre of the Italian Chambers of Commerce) and EuroPACE (European Network of Universities for a Virtual University).

                 As usual the Conference will also cover the official AGM (Annual General Meeting) of SPACE (one representative per member institution) and the Council Meeting (one representative per country). Moreover, one day will be dedicated to the specific Committee Meetings (9 proffesional sections) which are open to non-SPACE members as well. These meetings also represent the opportunity to engage in the practical aspects of the network.

                 Full information on the programme, the hosting university college, the city, hotels, social events as well as the online registration form are avaible on the website of Greta Vandebone, Secretary-General of SPACE: http://users.skynet.be/space


President SPACE

Dr. Gintautas Braziunas

Managing Director Vilnius College in Higher Education