Text Box: The Business Administration

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Phone: +4(0) 234 562 600

Fax: +4(0) 234 516 448

E-mail: portal@ugb.ro

George Bacovia University in Bacau

Dean: Ph.D. Associate Professor Andreia MELNIC

Head of Department: Ph.D. Professor Willi Pavaloaia

Scientific Secretary: Lecturer  Ramona FLOREA

Faculty Secretary: Economist Sorina MARIAN


The Business Administration Faculty offers:

· academic degree in Marketing, marketing specialization – full-time and part-time courses

· academic degree in Statistics and Business Informatics, with the specialization Business Informatics – full-time courses

· master, specialization Business Marketing – full-time courses

Within the  framework of the Faculty of Business Economics there is the Department of Marketing and Business Informatics, with the following structure:

Head of Department:  Ph.D. Professor Willi Pavaloaia






Ph.D. Professor Toader GHERASIM

Ph.D. Professor Aurel BRANZA

Ph. D. Lecturer Radu BILBA

Lecturer Ramona FLOREA

Lecturer Nicoleta BOTEZ            

Lecturer Lucian OCNEANU

Research Assistant Mihaela TARULESCU

Ph.D. Professor Viorica PARASCHIVESCU

Ph. D. Associate Professor Andreia MELNIC

Ph. D. Lecturer. Mihai LAMATIC

Lecturer Marian FOTACHE

Lecturer Adrian GHERASIM

Lecturer Lucian ANTON