Email: cig@ugb.ro

Phone:+4(0) 234 562600/117

The Faculty of Accounting and Business Data Processing

Email: ea@ugb.ro

Phone:+4(0) 234 562600/119

The Business Administration Faculty

Email: mn@ugb.ro

Phone:+4(0) 234 562600/120

The Management Faculty

Email: id@ugb.ro

Phone:+4(0) 234 562600/222

Director: Ph.D. Lecturer Radu BILBA

Department Secretary: Economist Raluca MARANGOCI

The Department for Distance and Part-time Learning

Email: ecdl@ugb.ro

Phone:+4(0) 234 562600/102

Director: Lecturer Marian FOTACHE

Department Secretary: Economist Mihaela MASTACAN

The Department of ECDL

Email: ir@ugb.ro

Phone:+4(0) 234 562600/113

Director: Ph.D. Professor Liviu DRUGUS

Departament Secretary: Lecturer Ovidiu BONTAS

The Department of  International Relation

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