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As a teacher, having an experience of more than thirty years in higher-education, I continuously formed and developed myself the conviction that there is nothing more beautiful than the university years, and there are no greater satisfaction and pride for a normal  person  than  that   of   having acquired a university education.

It renders you the feeling of nobility, accomplishment,  pride and trust in your own forces, and even of superiority, as well as the desire of a permanent self improvement. This university education is the one that opens paths, otherwise inaccessible. This kind of satisfaction cannot, of course, be acquired except only as a result of a long and intense effort, that often proves tormenting and, for some people, discouraging and unbearable. That is why few people are willing to make it. My strong desire is that, after having accessed the site of our university, you register yourself. I and my colleagues would feel extremely honoured if the message concerning our educational offer has convinced you to become the student or the parent of a student of the George Bacovia University.


Ph.D. Professor Toader Gherasim,

President of George Bacovia University

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