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In ziua de 12 mai 2015, ora 10.00, Universitatea "George Bacovia" din Bacau organizeaza Sesiunea de comunicari studentesti


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Europe 2020. Premises, projects, programs
It is our honour and a great pleasure to invite you to the International scientific conference Europe 2020. Premises, projects, programs which will be held on 14th – 15th of May 2015 in Bacau, Romania.

The conference will be an excellent occasion to discover the beauty and diversity of the natural environment and culture of Bacau local area, situated in the north-east region of Romania. Bacău is the main city in Bacău County, Romania, being a very ancient town, having a history of 600 years old, situated in the eastern part of Romania, about 300 km far from Bucharest. We hope you will take advantage of visiting our beautiful city and its surroundings.

The conference aims to create a forum for raising the issues of changes, challenges and responsibility in the creation of a sustainable development premises. We are sure that the conference will also give us opportunity to sign new agreements on cooperation with all participating institutions. It is open to all higher education and business environment representatives, interested in expressing their view points on major topics dealing with the sustainable development of Europe under the perspective of the Europe 2020 strategy, in regional, economic and social sciences matters.

We believe that our International Conference Europe 2020 – Premises, projects, programs (http://etc5.ugb.ro/) will be an important and meaningful event, for open dialogues meant to stimulate generating of new ideas and new projects for our common future, contributing to a better understanding of changes and challenges faced by the modern world as well as the global responsibility we all share.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bacau in May 2015 on behalf of all the members of the organizing committee!

Head of the Didactic and Research Department,

Associate professor Andreia MELNIC, PhD


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Actele de studii se elibereaza de luni pana vineri, intre orele 12-15, personal, pe baza actului de identitate sau a paşaportului.
Absolvenţii care au susţinut examen de licenţă cu comisie de la Universitatea Danubius din Galaţi, Universitatea de Nord Baia Mare sau Universitatea „Dimitrie Cantemir” din Bucureşti ridică diplomele de licenţă de la instituţiile respective.

In situaţii excepţionale, actele de studii pot fi eliberate şi altor persoane, pe bază de procură autentificată la Notariat.

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